Update – October 2013

This has been my last month here at Rice. I have now successfully completed my PhD.

My thesis is titled Lagrange rational interpolation and its applications to approximation of large-scale dynamical systems (download pdf).

(And here is the customary toy duck that I received from the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for a successful PhD submission.)


Welcome to Antonio Cosmin’s personal website!

I am a Ph.D. student with a passion for algorithms that lead to efficient simulations, and an extensive background in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)  and Computational and Applied Math (CAAM).

My Ph.D. advisor is Dr. A. C. Antoulas, and my research interests include

  • modeling and simulation of dynamical systems
  • model reduction of large-scale dynamical systems
  • system identification from frequency domain measurements
  • control theory of linear, bi-linear, non-linear, and parametrized systems
  • rational interpolation and approximation
  • numerical algorithms, and numerical linear algebra.

You can learn more about my background through
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